Hiya, my name is Melanie Claire Houghton and our MO here is simple…

we create leaders not followers

Some of the best benefits of the work you’ll do here:

#1: Create miraculous wealth & wisdom the divine feminine way.

#2: Manifest your dream life with less hustle more heart.

#3: Reclaim your voice, your value & your authentic power.

#4: #AimHigher with your goals, including: charging higher price points for your products & services and creating empowering relationship dynamics with others both personally & professionally.


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The energetics of marketing is becoming as increasingly important as the strategy.

Access below my signature 15 step intangible launch sequence, which has made the difference between launches that worked, and those that didn’t.

Plus, it’s helped my clients go from not making sales to consistently doing so when they apply these steps consistently.



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Looking For a Business Coach with Spiritual Values?

Look no further.

The Authentic Leadership Mastermind is now open for enrolment!!


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